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Why Wine and Quine?

Dear reader,

I decided to start this blog now, as my gap year is slowly coming to a close, mostly because I miss studying philosophy. But there are other reasons. I have loved writing ever since I was able to hold a pen. This fall, I'm starting my master degree in philosophy at St Andrews, and I believe this is a good way to continue learning, reading and writing about philosophy - before my skills will be put to the test by the Scots!

I would like to address you, reader, in two ways:

To the newby in philosophy: I hope you'll enjoy discovering some philosophy, and that you might find it is more than just sitting in an armchair discussing the meaning of life with a glass of wine (although that is pretty awesome already).

To the experienced philosopher: I hope you'll enjoy my writing, that you won't spot all too embarrassing flaws and that you might still learn something as well.

And to the both of you: I hope this blog will inspire you, and that you will enter into a discussion in the comment section (especially if you disagree!).

I myself feel somewhere in between the newby and the experienced philosopher, and I look forward to blogging more!


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